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DREAMSTONES is a leading and fast growing design & build company for clients looking to build or renovate in France, UK, Spain, Portugal or Italy. Founded in 2012, our team combines multilingual architects and project managers who provide a complete solution for anyone wishing to build or renovate a property. With more than 50 years combined experience, our team has been involved in numerous projects across Europe, ranging from major renovation and new build projects, to smaller scale home improvements. Over four successful years our team can manage most pertinent aspects of multi-territory construction techniques and processes. We have the experience to successfully manage any house building project in France, UK, Spain, Portugal, and Italy. DREAMSTONES believe that home building projects need a multi-disciplinary team involved every step of the way. This has always been confirmed by the numerous clients who have worked hand in hand with DREAMSTONES to make their dream home project come true with ease and full satisfaction. Hire DREAMSTONES to save you time, investment and stress by letting us design and build your home to your specifications but like it was our own.